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A Human Resource, Marketing, Communications and Advertising Agency.

With three (3) years of experience and expertise in providing the best services to help our clients achieve better business results, this has led to us bursting with end-to-end solutions for human resource, marketing, advertising, media and public relations.


The vision of the company is to lead in revolutionizing the HR, PR & Advertising Business in Ghana and beyond by providing exceptional service delivery.


Our mission is to help both clients and employees succeed by providing them with best solutions which is in the interest of all parties.


Integrity, Customer Satisfaction, Honesty, Accountability, Teamwork and Responsivenes

Social Responsibilities

  1. Training and offering internship opportunities to tertiary students as a means of giving them the needed technical know-how and exposure in the world of work.
  2. Assistance in the form of responses to appeals for funds, sponsorship.
  3. Offer our services to agencies within our community who need assistance in their communications.
  4. We have a dedicated anti-fraud team to educate job seekers on fake and unlicensed recruitment agencies and their ways.
  5. We work with the necessary stakeholders, clients and customers to understand community priorities and identify how we can play a role in addressing these.

Corporate Responsibilities

  1. We comply with the Ghana Labour Act on all Human Issues regarding clients and employees.
  2. We ensure that all employees regardless of gender, faith, race or colour are treated with dignity and respect. We are an equal opportunities organisation.
  3. To recognise the importance and contribution of every employee towards the achievement of the overall corporate objectives of the Company.
  4. To provide meaningful and sustained opportunities and career development for all our staff.
  5. To adhere to statutory best business practice principles and policies in order to eliminate unethical and fraudulent activities.
  6. We are committed to providing meaningful and sustained opportunities and career development for all our staff.



Our recruitment approach ensures that we search for excellence and we deliver dynamic qualified candidates who are capable of making a contribution to your business.


We develop, design and deliver professional course that enhances employee skills by engaging and motivating them to contribute towards over all organisational goals.


For HANMANTE Outsourcing, we have a special scheme which furnishes our clients with all categories of staff who will work permanently for our client and yet remain on our payroll. This scheme allows us to relieve our clients of the administrative burden of managing staff.


HANMANTE handles all the personnel related functions associated with the staff, including recruitment, contracting, payments of salaries and attendance management responsibilities. This scheme allows business owners and HR managers to focus on business strategy and broader policy issues.


With our payroll service we ensure that all your employees are paid accurately and timely with the correct statutory deductions, and ensure these deductions are remitted in a timely manner.


HANMANTE is not just a Communications Agency. We are intensely passionate about your brand and we work from the ground up to understand your business objectives and create a perfect advertising and corporate communication services strategy.

Why choose HANMANTE?

We use our experience and knowledge to understand the business complexities and combine the creative and technical expertise for:

Tailor-Made Solutions

We strive to ascertain your needs and then tailor solutions to tackle them. In Advertising & PR we give you the go to persons in the industry and put your brand at the top. We offer advice on what recruitment or training options are best for your organization when it comes to HR.

Helping you succeed

At HANMANTE we have a ‘Helping you succeed’ because we believe that when our clients succeed we as well succeed. Our success as a brand is linked to that of our clients, reason we consider them as partners.

Great Team

Our team consists of highly competent experts and experienced personnel with extensive knowledge and experience in Advertising HR & Communications. We get you the very best of candidates!

Superior Customer Service

We seek first to offer superior service that is unsurpassed in any form. We therefore respond to all your requests on time; before and after engaging us. Our staff are always ready to assist you.

Timely Delivery

In servicing your needs we make sure that as a priority we provide you with an efficient service that will see your business grow. We know that your time is money. So we deliver all your requests on time!


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